Ports: Sinop Cruise Port


Sprawling along the neck of Cape Ince which juts into the Black Sea, Sinop is one of the region’s finest harbors. It was originally established as a prosperous Greek colony in the 8th century BC, and has now emerged as one of Turkey’s most cosmopolitan holiday towns, with a safe anchorage for yachts and cruise ships, even in the Black Sea’s roughest waters. Sinop’s maritime heritage is still strong today, with its antique ships replaced by modern sailing yachts during the annual Black Sea Yacht Rally.

It was this calm, natural harbor that saw Sinop’s trade blossom, with the Pontic kings making it their capital, before successive Roman and then Byzantine rulers. This tumultuous history is still evident in its rich architecture, which displays evidence of multiple empires. Sinop’s fortified seawalls are anchored by the seven-towered Sinop Castle, utilized by multiple civilizations for defensive purposes. A citadel was added by the Seljuk Sultans, using the ruins of antique structures to create a fascinating tapestry of columns and capitals into the newly designed walls.

Wander its 13th century Sejuk Alaettin Mosque and medresse where children were schooled, as well as the Byzantine-era Balatlar Church in the city’s historic Ada Quarter. Then explore the archaeological museum where recently-discovered ancient coins, vases and jewelry are on display. Our Sinop shore excursions offer a fascinating insight into the city's vibrant history, stretching all the way back to the ancient Temple of Serapis ruins.

Sinop was named after the daughter of the river god, Asopus, who requested eternal virginity from Zeus at his requests to marry her. Legend states that she was granted that wish here on this beautiful promontory, and we invite you to come and uncover the charms of Sinop on our selection of shore excursions.

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