Ports: Malacca Cruise Port


Just a two hours drive from Kuala Lumpur lays the historic city of Malacca on the west coast of Malaysia. Besides the good food , the city is also known for its rich history .The city has been in possession of several countries and there for you will find also many traces of return .The fugitive Sumatran prince Parameswara who founded Malacca said to have named the city after the melaka tree under which where he laid down to rest. During economic upspring century there was a lot of trading in the port mostly gold, silk , tea , opium , tobacco , perfume , spices with South-East Asia, Europe and South America. Malacca reached the height of its power during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah, who ruled from 1459 to 1477. The importance of the city, especially its role in the spice trade was for the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British response to colonize the port. They all left their legacy.

The infrastructure is not really developed over the years, but nevertheless it is perfectly possible to travel from A to B. Melaka is by boat and car easily accessible. By car you can reach the city by the North South Highway and take the boat to sail to the modern port just outside the city . Melaka also has an airport named Batu Berenam Airport.

One thing you definitely can't miss is the butterfly farm, with its own laboratory. It has more than 150 species of butterflies. In addition to the approximately 9,000 butterflies, snakes and an insects garden. The entrance fee is very cheap.

Then Bukit China which has about 12,000 graves spread over 25 acres of land. Many of these graves date back to the Ming Dynasty, when the Chinese Melaka took possession. It is the largest Chinese cemetery outside China. Sultan Mansur Shah use to let his daughter used it as her home. Apparently she needed 500 ladies to work for her to meet her needs...
Hang Kasturi Mausoleum is the traditional tomb of Hang Kasturi, according to Malay annals, Hang Kasturi was one of the five famous Malay warriors during the time of the Malacca Sultanate, particularly during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah (1456-1477). As young men, they studied the martial art of silat under the same silat master. a powerful Malay warrior during the reign of Sultan Mansor Shah. Hang Kasturi is said to have gained notoriety for having an affair or having outraged the modesty of one of the Sultan's concubines, and Hang Tuah, his own brother was sent to kill him.