Ports: Langkawi Cruise Port


Langkawi is the most northern island group on the west side of the Malaysia peninsula. The archipelago consists of the main island of Langkawi and nearly 100 small surrounding islands . The island is within the state of Kedah. Langkawi has around 62,000 residents, the majority lives in the capital Kuah. The rest of the population is spread out over a number of small villages.
In addition to tourism as a main source of income is a large part of the population of the island depended on fishing. Other professional groups. In recent years the Langkawi is developing hugely, although fortunately it is still a pleasant and peaceful island. It is not overly touristy compared to some islands in the neighboring countries. The island has a tax-free status, this means that some prices are cheaper. Products such as alcohol and tobacco are much cheaper in Langkawi than the rest of Malaysia . A bottle of wine or liquor is sometimes half the price than if you would buy it. anywhere else in Malaysia. Also typical souvenirs and sweets, snacks are often cheaper. Many travelers find Langkawi one of the most beautiful islands they have ever visited. We share there view.
The archipelago is characterized by beautiful hills, valleys, mountains, jungle, beautiful unspoilt beaches, waterfalls, rice fields and traditional villages. The island have Long white sandy beaches with crystal clear water and the inland is resident to hornbills, Brahmin Kites and the giant sea eagles reside in the sky while mudskippers and colourful crabs climb across coastal vines, the deer and squirrels darting about the trees. To appreciate the scenery, a cruise along the river of this fabulous nature park is highly recommended. There are many blue lagoons and caves just waiting to be explored, this park is not to be missed.
Of course you will find accommodation options everywhere, let us please help you with that. If you are budget minded, a family or indulging luxury plenty of choices. There is a lot to do on the island. Are you more of a beach person, then a longer stay on the island is also well recommended. Many packages and starter kits provide the island as a perfect holiday destination in Malaysia (which we also can help you with). When you go to Malaysia for the first time a visit to Langkawi totally worth it.
The island has its own airport, with even some international flights. Besides the aircraft will also find a lot of transport by sea. From Langkawi sailing boats to the neighboring island of Penang to the mainland, and even to Thailand. We would recommend cruising. We have some great deals for you.