Ports: Sihanoukville Autonomous Cruise Port


Sihanoukille located in the south of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand . The port city is the main port of the country. The city is becoming increasingly popular among tourist due to it beautiful beaches From the surrounding hills you can see all the little islands, where there are regular excursions going Sihanoukville is one of the newest cities in Cambodia and therefore does not have a very extensive history . The city is after independence from France established as a port for international trade . In 1955 began the construction of the harbor, and many families of builders continued to live next to the harbor , which were the first inhabitants of Sihanoukville . During the Vietnam War it was used extensively as a military port . After the fall of communism in 1979, the port was of great importance of developing of the country. With the opening of the markets in 1999, the port was one of the main areas of economic growth in Cambodia.

Sihanoukvill Airport is about 17 km from the city centre, but is only used for flight from and to Siem Reap. The closest larger airport is Phnom Penh from here it takes 3 hours to arrive in Sihanoukville. We suggest to take a privet Airport transfer Cambodia the will pick you up from the airport, where they will be waiting for you and than drop you of at the destination of your liking.

In the city itself there are many tuk - tuks around that take you all over the city. However, the drivers do often ask ridiculously high prices through price agreements with other companies. Prefer to explore the city, you can do this best on a scooter .

As mentioned before that the city is not very old , therefor there is not very much to do . However, there are some things that you should see if you're in Sihanoukville. The most beautiful attraction are the beaches of Sihanoukville. The miles of white sandy beaches and clear blue sea you find yourself in paradise. The beaches are not as crowded. Another attraction near Sihanoukville is Ream National Park . This is one of the seven national parks in Cambodia and was founded by former King Norodom Sihanouk. About 25 km from Sihanoukville is The Island of Koh Rong located. This island is almost deserted, has a beautiful nature and is a perfect place to relax. It is the most beautiful island in the region of Sihanoukville. Snow White coves , crystal clear water and a few kilometers long. In the middle of the island is a kind of jungle with thousands of palm trees and waterfalls. It's like a paradise on earth.